Organically Reinvented


We currently live in an era of fast fashion and throwaway culture, which is constantly adding to the increase of textile waste within the UK. Through my project I aim to change this idea of temporary fashion and the attitudes of those who support it.

My aim is to develop consumers’ awareness of sustainability within fashion by creating a women’s knitwear collection focusing on the revival and rejuvenation of old, previously owned garments. Each of the pieces within my collection will contain an aspect of recycling, through the use of old garment sections or recycled yarns. I aim to completely reinvent these old garments through the deconstruction and reconstruction of old and new pieces of knit, creating a completely new knitted surface. Each of these pieces will contain a three-dimensional aspect inspired by different organic structures I have studied within my research.

The overall aim of this project is to add value, and prolong the life of the original, recycled garments.


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